Ceud Mille Failte

(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

We hope you find the contents interesting and enjoyable.

We also hope that after reading these pages you will be so stimulated that you will want to join our Society, an inexpensive and easy task, and begin to enjoy our activities.

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75th Anniversary Year

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The Saltire – November 2014

We thought we’d just squeeze in an issue of The Saltire before the St Andrew’s Day Ball . . . just to give you something to read! As usual, it’s a mixture of information and interesting/entertaining stories from Scotland. We hope you enjoy it. November 2014

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Ball Flyer 2014

St Andrew’s Day Ball 2014

It’s coming up for that time of year again . . . when people gather together to help the Society celebrate Scotland’s National Day at our annual St Andrew’s Day Ball. As always, a great evening is in store, with a brilliant program of dancing, singing, eating and drinking planned! Just click on the links …

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