Ceud Mille Failte

(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

We hope you find the contents interesting and enjoyable.

We also hope that after reading these pages you will be so stimulated that you will want to join our Society, an inexpensive and easy task, and begin to enjoy our activities.

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75th Anniversary Year

MC & a HNY 2

Christmas issue of The Saltire

Its that magic time of year when we have a lot of fun with family and friends, and when most of us are inclined to drink and eat too much! So, when you feel like a break from it all, why not sit down and read our Christmas and New Year issue of The Saltire. …

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Burns Supper 2015

Sorry, all tickets gone . . . Burns Supper 2015

January 25 is a big day for Scots and people who like Scottish culture . . . its the day Scotland’s greatest poet was born. Robert Burns died while still a young man, but his fame lives on forever. The Society will hold its highly popular celebration of the Bard’s life and work on his …

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