2018 Weekend Away

saswa the rose hotel bunburyAfter last year’s successful ‘weekend away’ out in the sticks at Quindanning, we are returning to civilization this year – well, Bunbury anyway! We are exchanging kangaroos and mallee stumps for the smell of the sea!

The glorious old building shown above, with its very modern internal make-over is our chosen destination. The Rose Hotel, built in 1865, is set in Bunbury’s CBD, on the ‘cappuccino strip’ and (if you are mad enough to want to get in) only 650m from the ocean. Rather than risking near freezing water and things that bite, we would think you would be better advised to stay safely in The Rose and share an afternoon and evening of congenial conviviality.

The (Cunning) Plan

Participants are encouraged to travel down to Bunbury and meet at the hotel any time from midday onwards. Those wishing to go for brisk walks or investigate the city centre shops can do so. We will then establish ourselves somewhere warm and get to know one another better over drinks and subsequently dinner. If all goes to plan, by the end of the evening we should have come up with solutions for world poverty, the Middle East, nuclear proliferation and Donald Trump.

We will eat dinner as a group in the hotel’s a la carte restaurant. We are not doing a group menu, so you choose your own food and pay separately (using your voucher).

On Sunday there will be plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast, at the hotel or one of the nearby coffee shops, before getting back to Perth in time for the Eagles game at 2:40pm!

Hotel arrangements

Our price at the Rose will be $120 for a double room.

You effectively get $25 off that, because they will give you a $25 meal voucher.

Ten rooms have been set aside for us, on a ‘first come – first in’ basis.

To book, you need to contact the hotel yourself, telling them that you are part of the St Andrew Society group. Payment will be on arrival.

Once you have booked (or if you subsequently have to cancel), could you please contact Ron Cooper at roncooper3@optusnet.com.au so that we know how many are coming.

Hotel contact details

Rose Hotel & Motel
Corner Wellington & Victoria Streets
Bunbury WA 6230

08 9721 4533
Email: info@rosehotel.com.au