Scottish Reeling Classes

Painting by Janet McCrorrie

From 30 March to 31 August 2017

Wembley Community Centre, Alexander St., Wembley

This year, we are holding a season of Scottish Reeling classes, for the benefit of existing members, but also with the aim of attracting new and younger members to the society.

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2017 Wine Tasting

Glass of red and white wine

Date: 21st October 2017

An event not held for many years that we plan to revive this year, is a wine tasting tour of the Swan Valley’s vinyards. The ‘Spring in the Valley’ festival has faded in popularity in recent years, owing to excessive numbers of people excessively enjoying themselves! So we thought we might organise our own – complete with transport.

More details to follow.

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Quiz Night


Date: 16th September 2017

Q1 Donald Trump’s mother was born on which Scottish island?
Q2 Translate the Gaelic phrase “Failte gu Alba”.
Q3 Which king ruled Scotland from 1040 until he was killed in 1057?
Q4 Which soft drink is sometimes referred to as Scotland’s other national drink?

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2017 St Andrews Day Ball

Scottish Dancing" by Louise Braithwaite

Date: 2nd December 2017

After experimenting with the date of last year’s ball, this year’s will be back as close to St Andrew’s Day as we can make it.

The committee is also looking at ways of reducing the cost of the event, without reducing the quality!
More details later in the year.

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