Scottish Reeling Classes

From 30 March to 31 August 2017

This year, in addition to all our usual events, the St Andrew Society of WA are holding a season of Scottish Reeling classes, for the benefit of existing members, but also with the aim of attracting new and younger members to the society.

For those unfamiliar with 'reeling', it is a style of Scottish Country Dancing that has become hugely popular with younger folk in recent years. It puts the energy and excitement back into traditional SCD that can sometimes be lacking!

Who is it for?

Our classes are specifically aimed at:

  • Anyone that likes Scottish Country Dancing.
  • Anyone that likes any sort of dancing.
  • Anyone with a spare $5 and nothing to do on Thursday evenings.
  • Anyone that has reeled before but can't find anywhere to do it in Perth.
  • People that have never done this sort of dancing before.
  • People under 40.
  • People over 40!

I haven't got a dance partner!

Come along anyway - we should be able to find a partner for you.


The painting of 'reelers' was painted by Janet McCrorie, a Scottish artist who specialises in painting dancers.

Visit her website at:

When and where?

Reeling classes will take place more-or-less fortnightly on Thursday evenings, on the following dates:

After the first two reels nights, there is a break while we hold three of our regular pre-event dance classes, and then our Chieftain's Ceildh. Hopefully those folk that are drawn to the reeling nights, will also come to the Ceilidh and dance classes - for more information on which -

Where: Wembley Community Centre, Alexander St., Wembley.
Time: 7:30 to 9:30
Cost: $5 per person
Dress: Casual

There will be a break for a glass of wine in the middle.

Hope to see you there!

What does Reeling look like?

The best way to answer that is to show you. The YouTube video below shows a reeling class.  They are learning and dancing a reel called the Dashing White Sergeant, which is the dance we will be starting off with.