Aberdeenshire people have best quality of life

People who live in Aberdeenshire have the best quality of life in Scotland, according to a recent survey.

The annual Bank of Scotland Quality of Life Survey based its findings on the health and life expectancy of residents in the country’s 32 local authority districts, as well as looking at employment, school performance and climate.

The study found Aberdeenshire residents tend to be fit and well, with 93.3% reporting good health and a higher than average life expectancy of 78.2 years.

Employment rates in the area are high, at 79%, with many residents enjoying full-time weekly average earnings of £661 – 13 per cent above the Scottish average of £585.

The level of school qualifications is also above average.

Inhabitants enjoy a relatively good climate, with less rainfall per year than the country’s average and slightly more weekly sunshine hours.

Enjoying the sunshine art Stonehaven Harbour, Aberdeenshire.
Enjoying the sunshine art Stonehaven Harbour, Aberdeenshire.

However, house prices in relation to earnings in Aberdeenshire are said to be higher than much of the country, with the cost of buying a property 5.7 times the average annual local income.

“Taking a wide range of indicators into account, residents in Aberdeenshire enjoy the best quality of life in Scotland, the fourth time in seven years it has taken this accolade,” a Bank of Scotland spokesperson said.

“While not being the leading district across all measures, Aberdeenshire comes out on top because it scores

consistently highly across nearly all indicators.

“In particular, Aberdeenshire residents typically enjoy good health, long life expectancy, high employment, low crime and high-quality schooling.”

East Dunbartonshire claimed the second spot on the list while last year’s winner, the Shetland Islands, was third.

Also making the top 10 list was East Renfrewshire, the Orkney Islands, East Lothian, the city of Aberdeen, West Lothian, Fife and Midlothian.