Annual General Meeting

A large number of members attended the Annual General Meeting of the Society, held on Sunday, 19 February.

As well as the financial and Chieftain’s reports (click on the link below to see the Chieftain’s Report), the main business of the day was the election of office bearers and general Committee members.

The office-bearers are Brian McMurdo (Chieftain), who has been Honorary Secretary for the past three years; Doris LaValette, the new Vice-Chieftain; Diana Paxman, who retains the Honorary Treasurer role and Darian Ferguson, who takes over as Honorary Secretary.

Among the general members, three are new to the Committee . . . Eoin Kennedy, Michael Haynes and Jeff LaValette . . . and Reggie McNeill, Cameron Dickson and Cheryl Hill were re-elected from the previous Committee.

Former Chieftain, Ken Suttie, also joins the Committee as Immediate Past Chieftain.

Chieftain’s Report 2011